Kostenaufstellung 19.09.2007

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Heute habe ich meine Kostenaufstellung wieder mal etwas aktualisiert. Die derzeitigen Ausgaben meines Mikrokopter belaufen sich mit

  • der Grundausstattung
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Kompass
  • Drucksensor
  • PRISM RC-Infrarotauslöser für Pentax Kamera
  • Pentax A30
  • Mikroservo
  • USB-Flugsimulatorinterface, …

auf 1178,09 Euro (davon 71,30 Euro Portokosten).


Kostenaufstellung Mikrokopter

Eine genaue Auflistung der Kosten kann man aus dem verlinkten PDF entnehmen: Kostenaufstellung 19.09.2007 (Mikrokopter / Quadrokopter)



  1. Dear Mathias:I’m looking forward to buy the MIKROKOPTER,for these reason i need to ask,where should i write to get information to buy the articles you have published in the SPEEDYWEB Page.SPS-SHOP,is offering incomplete products,or finished.For these reason i’m looking for these components in separate parts,with out welding.where should i write to gets this products?How can i laid them?Please,i need to have the answer in english or spanish,i’m sorry to tell you that my german is not so good for writting a letter.My last question is,how can you send me the parts of the MIKROKOPTER,to Argentina?thank you very much.

  2. Speedy says:

    Hi Jorge Daniel
    I’ll answer your question in english because I’m not able to speak spanish.
    Nice to hear, that you are interested to start with the mikrokopter project.
    As you have written before you want to get the parts separated and weld it together by yourself.
    I have to tell you, that this option needs a little bit of practice with welding of SMD components, but is not sooo difficult.
    In the moment the SPS-Shop is not supporting the shipping to Argentina.
    Also in the moment only the “old” version of the PCB (FC 1.0) is available without components. If you want to get the latest hardware you have to buy the preassembled PCB (FC 1.1). The functionality is neraly the same. The 1.1 has smaller gyros for nick and roll and is therefore better for acrobatics (loopings). Also the controller is a little bit different (Mega644 at the FC1.0 and the Mega644p at the FC1.1). The Mega644p has two serial UARTs wich will make the useage of GPS and BLUETOOTH together easier.
    I would recommend you to write directly to holger or ingo at the SPS-Shop (Link to formif it’s possible for them to send you the components to Argentina.
    There are already users in south-america (Colombia). Maybe you can get in contact with them. (User distribution worldwide: http://map.speedyweb.at)
    And finally i would recommend you to visit the international forum of the mikrokopter. Maybe there you can get more help. (Link to International Forum)
    I’m from Austria and for me it would be a lot of administrative work (tax, shipping,…) to first – collect all components and then ship the components to you.
    I hope this helps you a little bit. And if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me or the forum.
    Speedy (Mathias)

  3. Jorge Daniel says:

    Dear Mathias thank’s for you,cooperetion.I hope to leave an answer from Colombia,for ani questions you’ll have news from me.Thank’s a lot.Jorge daniel

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