BL-Ctrl change of FETs

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A lot of people in the MikroKopter-Forum think, that it is difficult to change the FETs of the BL-Ctrl. But that isn’t so. All you need is a soldering iron with enough power. You can even use a “really brutal” 230V device without any regulation. Then you have to heat up the FET and remove it from the PCB.

To solder a new FET to the PCB, do the same in the other direction. Really simple – see my short movie:

Google - Link: Change of BL-Ctrl FETs



  1. Richard Ashley says:

    Hi Speedy

    You have great info here, thanks. I used your GPS pictures to hook up my Ublox on my MK. Its working by PH is not working to good yet.

    I was hoping you could help me. I have been trying to optimize my parameter settings on my MK. Unfortunately I have not found any specifics of how to go about doing this. The only description for the parameters I have found is in the Wiki for the MK-Tools (and what is in the code but I haven’t quite figured out the code yet). I asked for some assistance in Arthur P’s RC-Groups thread bust most English speakers don’t have a good understanding either. I even asked in German in killagreg’s code redesign thread but it got totally ignored. I have found various parameter examples trying to read through the German threads but those parameters did not really always work for my MK. (some just made my MK unstable)

    I have a FltCtr 1.1 with GPS and MM3 compass and am using killegreg’s 0.68d software.

    Could you help?


  2. Speedy says:

    Hi Richard!

    The first step is done, if your GPS communicates with your FlightCtrl. I never changed the standard paramers and it’s working perfectly.
    There is no “setting for all MKs” which is stable.

    Btw, Which parameter do you mean? The GPS parameters are depending on the weight of your MK, on the number of satellites visible, on the wind, … and so on.

    In the moment, it’s not possible to have a stable position hold in all cases. Maybe it will be in future, if alle measured signals are combined and a prediction can be calculated (Kalman filter for example). But for the calculations “more power” or more MIPs are needed, and so this will be implemented in the NavCtrl in future i guess.

    I hope that will answer your question.


  3. khaled says:

    Hello I’ve got 4 pieces bl-cart 1.2 and I have a problem in the program ppm.
    I want to for this program and I will be grateful

  4. Speedy says:

    I don’t understand a word what you mean 😉 – sorry

  5. khaled says:

    hi i aqsd Program ppm 30 A for bl_ctrl v1.2.
    And I will be grateful to you
    Because I have 4 pieces and I want to programming

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