Mounting of MK3Mag on the NaviCtrl

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Hi Guys,

Today I want to describe the mounting of the MK3Mag on the NaviCtrl board.

To have a good connection you have to solder the multi-pin-connector inverted and fix the MK3Mag with two screws to the NaviCtrl. If you look at the following pictures it should be self-describing.

screw_connectors_01.jpg screw_connectors_02.jpg multi_pin_connector1.jpg mk3mag_on_navictrl.jpg

Without the mechanical connection to the NaviCtrl the MK3Mag may fell of during flight – and it will be VERY difficult to find it again. 😉



  1. Eri Unanto says:

    Hi, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Eri Unanto and I base in Singapore but will be back to Indonesia within this year. I am not expert in electronics stuff or programming because but very interested to aero modelling particularly helicopter and now I am hooked to try flying Mikrokopter.

    Now, I have one set MK ( almost ready to fly ) that my friend has very kindly to exchange with me but to start setting MK and Tx ( Futaba 9C ) are really different story so I approach you in this site to ask your favor to help solving my problems. Lack of German Language is also be my problem.

    I hope I can have the solution from you and others who have experience in this field and willing to share with me.

    The way you make this website is interesting and for this I should congratulate you.

    Best regards,
    Eri Unanto

  2. Speedy says:

    Hi Eri!
    Thanks for your comment. It’s no problem to ask me some questions if you don’t find the answers in the forum, the (MikroKopter) Wikipedia or in the chat
    But first try the things by yourself or ask in the chat – there are really friendly guys and I’m also there sometimes.
    And if you have still some questions, contact me over the Forum ( – my nick is “Speedy”) or per eMail: speedy ( – a t – )
    Have fun, Speedy

  3. Arnd says:

    Could Eri be helped? I will very probably be in Indo in about 3-4 weeks and could give him some support if he comes over to bali.

    — Arnd

  4. Anonymous says:

    I need help. How do i tune the parameters for stable flight? Does the mikrokopter actually have a pid controller?

  5. Speedy says:

    Yes, the Mikrokopter has actually a PID controller. Also the standard parameters are absolutely ok for a “standard” Mikrokopter. You can fly “out of the box”.
    If you still have questions you can discuss them with us in the Mikrokopter Forum at

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