GPS + Mikrokopter (III)

June 3rd, 2008 by Speedy Leave a reply »

Hi there!

Here is a small video about the calibration of the MK3Mag and the position-hold feature of the NaviCtrl together with MKGPS1.

YouTube - Link: MK3Mag calibration + NaviCtrl with MKGPS1



  1. henri BARBERY says:

    very interesting your clean mkk building and of course gps and mkmag initialisation.
    i think i have one year to be at your configuration may be.
    i am very interesting by epi osd but i can’t contact them by mail can you help me

  2. Speedy says:

    Hi Henri!
    Thanks for the comment and i don’t think that it will take you one year to reach this MikroKopter level. It is not so difficult as it looks like and if you are interested in mikrocontrollers and technic it’s absolutely no problem.
    Some words to EPI-OSD: Most of the needed Infos you can find here:
    For details you can contact one of the following persons in the Mikrokopter Forum @ Wowie, Akku, CaScAdE, MarkusBec, der_oschni, Nebukad, SteffWOB, Alex365
    Have fun!

  3. ddrake says:

    thank you for the video! I was quite confused about how to do calibration for MK3 when reading the explanation in the shop. My German is veeeery bad! ^_^
    Outstanding performance by the GPS!
    And very, very neat electronic setting. Chapeau!

  4. Normand14 says:

    I am French and German does not pearl.
    How can we connect the GPS Conrad (LEAH 4H) on the NAV-ctrl, should we add leds?
    Thank you for the answer.

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