Paragliding – A new hobby?

July 7th, 2008 by Speedy Leave a reply »

Hi Guys!

Last weekend I had the chance to play with a para-sail of a friend of mine (Manuel Wehinger). He showed my some interesting basic things of paragliding and we played a little bit in the field.

There wasn’t enough wind to have “real” fun – but it was enough to get a feeling of “how strong a little bit of wind” can be.

In the moment I don’t have time to start a new hobby, but I think that it will be interesting for me in the next few years. I am fascinated of “flying through the air” since I’m young. I have often dreamed of flying with a para-sail in my childhood and maybe this dream will come true in some months or years.

A big “thank you” to Manuel for showing me some interesting stuff in this topic (He is already a pilot and has the licence)

Photos of the session are added below:

20080705_paragliding_first_experience_0002.JPG 20080705_paragliding_first_experience_0003.JPG 20080705_paragliding_first_experience_0004.JPG 20080705_paragliding_first_experience_0006.JPG 20080705_paragliding_first_experience_0009.JPG 20080705_paragliding_first_experience_0010.JPG 20080705_paragliding_first_experience_0011.JPG 20080705_paragliding_first_experience_0014.JPG 20080705_paragliding_first_experience_0015.JPG 20080705_paragliding_first_experience_0016.JPG 20080705_paragliding_first_experience_0017.JPG 20080705_paragliding_first_experience_0019.JPG

This photo shows a paraglider landing at our “training” location:




  1. Joerg says:

    Hi Speedy,
    Seems to be fun!!

    Enjoy your hollidays.


  2. Midaps says:

    Now, the only thing you need to do is flight with MK and your paraglider. 🙂

    It must be a great freedom feeling. Good luck! And enjoy a lot!


  3. MoNaYa says:


    niCe Speedy ..
    HavE fUn 🙂


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