My new home, Mikrokopter logo competition, Mikrokopter meeting and other stuff

September 3rd, 2008 by Speedy Leave a reply »

Hi Guys!

For a long time nothing special happened in my blog. The reason for this was the moving from home to my new flat. In the moment I only have UMTS / HSDPA to surf and check my emails, so no pictures or videos can be published by me.

This will change in two weeks, when I will get a broadband Internet access (hopefully).

Last weekend I was at the Mikrokopter meeting in Zürich / Switzerland with some guys out of the Mikrokopter Forum. There i crashed my Mikrokopter (He is already “reanimated” with a new ALU-standard-frame). Photos of the crashed frame, the meeting and video of the meeting will follow in two weeks.

Also I participated a group buy in the forum. There I bought a FatShark Video goggle. Maybe the goggle will arrive also in the next 2-3 weeks.

And finally Holger and Ingo (and the Wiki-Team) is searching for an Mikrokopter logo. If you have ideas for a logo you can send it to logo(at) After a preselection of Holger, Ingo and the Wiki team, the Mikrokopter community will vote for the best one. The winner will get a 200€ credit for the Mikrokopter shop. Details you can find inside the forum.

Oh yes, at the 15th of september I’ll start to study extra-occupational at the NTB in Buchs (Switzerland). So my sparetime will decrease from “almost nothing” to “I don’t need to sleep” 😉


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