Mikrokopter with DUBwise V0.52

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Hi out there.

In the last days i tested the new version of DUBwise (Digital UFO Broadcasting with intelligent service equipment – coded by LiGi). The Kopter is connected via Bluetooth to the mobile device. In my case this was a Sony Ericsson W810i.

The actual Version has the possibility to adjust all Settings (like the MK-Tool) and nice features are the Graph indicator and the Cockpit which displays a virtual horizont.

It’s a amazing tool and supports a lot of mobile devices. Ligi is also updating and patching all night long to be in sync with the latest released Software from the Mikrokopter project itself (FlightCtrl, NaviCtrl)

The tool is also able to talk and tell you how full the Lipo is (Voltage). Other nice informations are the number of satellites, height over ground, heading, distance to home position and so on…

To see how the tool looks in action here is a short clip:

vimeo - Link: Mikrokopter with DUBwise

Details about the project you can find at  http://www.mikrokopter.de/ucwiki/en/DUBwise or http://www.ligi.de

Update 14.04.2009: Because some guys asked me how to install the application on their mobile phone, here is an instruction. For the installation you can use the “Installer” from LiGi (http://ligi-tec.blogspot.com/2009/03/dubwise-installer.html).
If you have no internet connection, the installer shows you which file you have to install for your specific device. The sources and binaries you can find here: http://svn.mikrokopter.de/mikrowebsvn/listing.php?repname=Projects&path=%2FDUBwise%2Ftags%2Fv0.52%2Fmisc%2F#_DUBwise_tags_v0.52_misc_


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  1. jef says:

    Parabens pelo done!
    Watching your video came to me a doubt.

    Suppose the parameters to get an aerial photo would be when the four axes were aligned, would make a program that activates the shutter of the camera right now?

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