WiiMote connected to LabView and uC

April 8th, 2009 by Speedy Leave a reply »

This year I have to do another nice project. It’s a robot that has to fulfill a job together with another robot from a partner team. More details in some weeks (photos and videos).

The project is part of my education at the NTB in Buchs. We are a team of 8 people and I am a member of the programming team (and some support in electronics). During the last weeks, the mechanic team did a great job and the prorgamming team had enough time to do funny experiments with our mikrocontroller.

One of the funny things was that we connected the Wii Mote to the PC and then the PC to the mikrocontroller. All this was done by bluetooth – so no cables – and that’s really nice.

Here is a nice video clip of the LabView Software in action:

vimeo - Link: WiiMote and LabView

In some weeks I’ll post a “full action movie”. But first the mechnical and electronic parts have to be assembled fully.

Thanks to my team at the NTB! It’s great to work together with such a highly motivated team.


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