Preview of functions of the “system-technic-robot”

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As you probably know I am a member of a team that has to built a robot. This is part of my education at the NTB in Buchs in the first two semester.

Here is a short clip of the actual status. Details will follow at the end of the project.

Some facts:

  • Robot controlled by WiiMote
  • A PC/Laptop has a relay application that realizes the Bluetooth communication (Software: LabView)
  • WiiMote -> Bluetooth -> Labtop -> Bluetooth -> uC -> Motors/Sensors (Bidirectional of course)
  • IR-Sensors (Sharp Type GPD120)
  • Stepper Motors
  • LiPo power supply (11.1V / 3p1s)

YouTube - Link: NTB-Buchs 2009 – Team6

Open tasks (“todo”)

  • give it intelligence (autonom)
  • communication with partner team
  • final documentation
  • preperation for public presentation

Speedy 😉


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