EPI-OSD (with C-OSD Software) + Camera

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Hi Guys!

Yeah, it’s summer and now I have time to continue my investigations in FPV-flying. Some weeks ago I had a little disaster and crashed my FlightCtrl and my NaviCtrl (shortcut in the connection cable).
So I had to order a new NaviCtrl immediatly. I had luck, the MK-GPS and EPI-OSD survived.

And now – my Kopter is back 😉 (better than ever *ggg*)

Ok, let’s get to the topic.

A lot of people asked me, how I mount the camera and the EPI-OSD on my Mikrokopter. Thats a little bit complicated to explain and so I took some pictures to show you how I did it.
Update – 30.05.09: Attention, if you want your C-OSD Version to work fully together with the NaviCtrl you have to connect the EPI-OSD to the debug port of you NaviCtrl!


I hope that I will have some time in the next weeks to do my first FPV Tests with video recording to post it here (maybe the weather is nice 😉

YouTube - Link: EPI-OSD Programming and Mikrokopter overview




  1. Tittap123 says:

    Hy Speedy! I’ve just received an e-mail from Akku. They don’t have a preassembled Epi-Osd in our catalog.
    So I want ask about solder that you use.
    Thamks Titta

  2. Speedy says:

    Hi Tittap123,
    I don’t understand your question.
    You want me to solder a EPI-OSD for you? Or do you need informations to solder one by yourself?
    Details: http://www.mk-epi.de/index.php/Epi-OSD

  3. Tittap123 says:

    Excuse me Speedy! I want to know what do you use to solder. Thanks for your previous answer! Titta

  4. stormizer says:

    Speedy: “You want me to solder a EPI-OSD for you? ”

    Can you actually do that? I don’t have enough electronic skill to do that my self and having problem finding a pre-assembled board. If you could be kind enough to do that for me, do email me with some sort of quote 😉


  5. Speedy says:

    Hi stormizer,

    Yeah, I would solder one for you, but my spare time is decreasing to zero.
    But I have a link for you!
    You can order a preassembled and already programmed EPI-OSD here: http://www.mk-epi.de/index.php/Bestellung – Costs are about 150€ plus shipping.
    These are the guys who developed the board. If you want the C-OSD Firmware on the board you should write that into your request / order.

    Hope that helps 😉

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