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Exploring WiFly RN-131 GSX Embedded WiFi Module

October 3rd, 2009

I made the next step in the direction of WiFi. Some days ago I surfed the Internet for an embedded WiFi module for less money. And finally I found the WiFly GSX modules from Roving Networks. Their slogan is “Wireless for less” 😉

So I ordered some evaluation boards (about 100€/pcs) for me and two collegues who are studying with me at the NTB. Our goal is to have fun with wireless applications.

The RN-131 GSX Module is a 802.11 b/g wireless LAN Module with a lot of features – Details see datasheet.

If you already have a GSX Module you can use my LabView source below to show the UDP packets which the module sends in default configuration every 7 seconds.

The packets include

  • MAC address of AP
  • WiFi-Channel
  • RSSI (quality)
  • local TCP port
  • RTC (real time clock value)
  • NTC temperature option (if temperature sensor connected to module – otherwise sensor 7)
  • Spare sensor reading
  • ASCII time
  • Version string with date code and Device ID string

This information can be used to open a TCP connection to the module or to configure it over WiFi. The module has to be in the same subnet as your PC or MAC if you want to receive the packages.

Here are some pictures of the Module in action:

Here is the LabView (8.6) Source as LLB: wifly-monitoring-distribution

Preview of functions of the “system-technic-robot”

May 9th, 2009

As you probably know I am a member of a team that has to built a robot. This is part of my education at the NTB in Buchs in the first two semester.

Here is a short clip of the actual status. Details will follow at the end of the project.

Some facts:

  • Robot controlled by WiiMote
  • A PC/Laptop has a relay application that realizes the Bluetooth communication (Software: LabView)
  • WiiMote -> Bluetooth -> Labtop -> Bluetooth -> uC -> Motors/Sensors (Bidirectional of course)
  • IR-Sensors (Sharp Type GPD120)
  • Stepper Motors
  • LiPo power supply (11.1V / 3p1s)

YouTube - Link: NTB-Buchs 2009 – Team6

Open tasks (“todo”)

  • give it intelligence (autonom)
  • communication with partner team
  • final documentation
  • preperation for public presentation

Speedy 😉

WiiMote connected to LabView and uC

April 8th, 2009

This year I have to do another nice project. It’s a robot that has to fulfill a job together with another robot from a partner team. More details in some weeks (photos and videos).

The project is part of my education at the NTB in Buchs. We are a team of 8 people and I am a member of the programming team (and some support in electronics). During the last weeks, the mechanic team did a great job and the prorgamming team had enough time to do funny experiments with our mikrocontroller.

One of the funny things was that we connected the Wii Mote to the PC and then the PC to the mikrocontroller. All this was done by bluetooth – so no cables – and that’s really nice.

Here is a nice video clip of the LabView Software in action:

vimeo - Link: WiiMote and LabView

In some weeks I’ll post a “full action movie”. But first the mechnical and electronic parts have to be assembled fully.

Thanks to my team at the NTB! It’s great to work together with such a highly motivated team.