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Finally – I have time to blog again ;)

April 4th, 2013

Howdy folks!

It’s been quite some time (1.5 years) since my last blogpost. A lot of things happened and I am currently involved into several private fun projects. So it’s time for me to start blogging again – yeah!

The following content of this post is a teaser for upcoming projects and a short summary of interesting tech things & other stuff in the last 1.5 years ūüėČ

NTB Buchs – Graduation 2012

Finally¬†we had our 1 week party at the NTB campus in Buchs with camping, barbecue, pool and drinks…

NTB Graduation 2012 Stuff NTB Graduation 2012 NTB Graduation 2012 NTB Graduation 2012 NTB Graduation 2012 NTB Graduation 2012

Here are some impressions summarized in a Youtube video (sorry, only on Mac/PC Рno mobile):

Bachelor of Science FHO in Systems Engineering with specialisation in Electronics and Control Engineering

My performance during my studies was quite good and so I received some prices that I invested in my USA trip in the following month. A big thank you to all my colleagues at the NTB for their support and their great friendship. It was a pleasure to share four years together.
Leica Geosystems price 2nd best of this year (silver medal) The three best of the year 2012 Finally I got it!
Beside working I finished my bachelors degree in electronics and controller design.
My official title is now BSc FHO (Fachhochschule Ostschweiz) – but I will not use it in daily business.

USA Roadtrip

After this stressful time I took a month off with my girlfriend and we traveled along the westcoast of the USA. We visited a lot of National Parks, San Francisco, Death Valley, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Phoenix, Palm Springs, San Diego, LA and finally the last week in Miami. For a guy from Europe / Austria this was a very impressive and cool time. Cruising¬†down the roads and listening to country music… mhm… I want back ūüėČ
California and Las Vegas were the absolute highlights on our tour.

San Francisco Our car Half Dome (Yosemite) BadwaterLas Vegas - Bellagio The "new" iPhone 5 (to that time)San Diego TicketOn the way to Miami

Other technical stuff (more details will follow in the next weeks)

The following pictures show things that I am currently working on and I am planning to explain here in detail.

Accelerometer Accelerometer Accelerometer Wordclock RGB Wordclock RGB Wordclock RGB Arduino LAN arduino_02 Launchpad - TI / MSP430 Launchpad - TI / MSP430 Launchpad - TI / MSP430 MSP430 Transceiver Logic Analyzer Tesboard MSP430 JTAG Logic Analyzer Logic Analyzer Logic Analyzer Logic Analyzer Logic Analyzer SSD upgrad for my laptop (who needs CDs)

Ok that’s so far.

Beside that projects we are currently planning our house that we will build in the next 1 to 2 years. – More to come…